Getting My Tarot Cards Read

I have never had my cards read before so I did not know what to expect. Someone I follow online ( @zachspiers ) had offered to do a reading and I jumped at the chance.

He hit me up and asked if I had a question, and I told him I’ve kinda had this existential crisis going, just constantly wondering if this life meant anything. Also told him my anxiety has been really weird. I’m just wondering if there is ever a point that I will get to where this actually makes sense? Am I destined to find enlightenment or to go crazy?

He started off by saying if you think about it too critically, it will never make sense, but that it doesn’t have to to have a fulfilling life… good stuff. So he’s like ok, I’m going to do a shortened Celtic Cross for you just to see if we can get some general answers of directions for you. So here we go…

The Tarot Card Reading

Card 1: high ground tarot card

Card 1: This is you right now. You’re struggling against a multitude of challenges. The good news is you have the high ground. That may help you feel better when you start to feel overwhelmed.@zachspiers

I do have to say, this feels reassuring. There is nothing like having the high ground, we all saw what having the high ground did for Obi Wan over Anakin…

The Ace of Swords

Card 2: the Challenge. This is the immediate challenge facing you right now, the thing that if resolved will make your life easier. This is very interesting because as you said your issue is the meaning of life itself and making sense of it all. The Ace of Swords symbolizes new ideas and mental clarity. Perhaps what you need to shake off the existential dread is to find a new perspective.@zachspiers

Finding a new perspective. Interesting. I certainly know that the truth is 100% dependent on your point of view.

I think though that looking for that perspective may be what’s kinda driving me crazy. lol

Card 3 is the past. The Emperor

Card 3 is the past. The Emperor represents a firm hand and observance of the rules. In this position I don’t think that preference for the traditional path is a good thing because it’s led you to the problems dealing with your current existential crisis. -@zachspiers

I certainly have a tendency to rebel against the rules. It depends because within my life I am actually really regimented. I have routines. Truth is as soon as I deviate I go off the rails.

I think this may be about balance for me. I’ll need to meditate on this.

The 5 of Swords

Card 4 is the future. The 5 of Swords is a prediction and a warning. In this card we see a fighter watching two men he has defeated walk away in shame. The swords around him indicate he’s won many such fights. But he’s overconfident and you can see it on his face. Even if in the future you find yourself watching your current trouble fade into the distance, do not let it blind you to new challenges in the future’s future. – @zachspiers

This is interesting to me. A prediction and a warning. Over confidence is bad. I also believe it’s important to focus on avoiding battle. Everyone is a potential ally.

The Knight of Pentacles

Card 5 is your goal or your ambition, your higher self. The Knight of Pentacles represents hard work to achieve a goal. In light of the issues you’ve mentioned to me I interpret this as a desire for things to make sense because then they can be addressed and then managed. Problems of an existential nature can be simplified and managed but it is not an easy process, but this card indicates you are able to put in the work to do it. – @zachspiers

Goals, ambition, my higher self. I work. I build. I am always seeking.

Card 6: Your subconscious desires

Card 6: Your subconscious desires, or your shadow-self. In the 3 of Wands we see a man looking out over an unexplored country. This may indicate that deep down you long for the struggle with such heady ideas to be over so you can move on to new things. This is natural, but must be avoided. Anything worth doing is worth doing right, and you’ll get through this eventually if you are patient. – @zachspiers

Very interesting. I wonder, do I want the struggle for knowledge to ever be over? I suppose when I say it, I do. I want the “Struggle” to be over. I would like to get better at just chilling, so I can spend more time dreaming of what to build next…

The overall Tarot Card Reading experience

Zach hit me with some words of encouragement as the sign off and the session was complete:

The cards don’t necessarily give answers as much as ask questions or present scenarios you might not have thought to consider before now. – @zachspiers

Very good stuff. I highly recommend opportunities to expand your mind. To look within.