Muskegon Rockstock Logo

Muskegon Rockstock Logo

My first really public Muskegon Gig

I remember the first year they where doing Rockstock D&T Music and Brandon Baskin put on a contest to find a logo for the great local festival they had planned. I made a couple of submissions and they ended up choosing this one. Rockstock has been going for like ten years now and is a Muskegon MI favorite.

Skeetown Tavern Red Logo

Skeetown Tavern – Logo Design

I did the Skeetown Tavern Logo Design and their original website. I still think it’s cool when I see that sign…

Skeetown Tavern Beer Sign Graphic
Skeetown Tavern Green Logo

Bubble Suit Soccer

X-Trim Motorcycle Trim

X-trim motorcycle trim logo

Hairstylist Logo

Hairstylist Logo