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A.W.O.L. Custom Tattooing

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A.W.O.L. Custom Tattooing

Business Title:
A.W.O.L. Custom Tattooing

Street Address:
1780 West Sherman Boulevard

Muskegon, MI 49441

Phone Number:
(231) 755-9900

Business Description:
Tattoo's For ALL WALKS OF LIFE Ray:Owner/Tattooist, Eric:Piercist, Cheif:Tattooist, Doug:Tattooist *Pls. come in to make your appointment with us!


Custom tattoo shop that also offers body piercing, jewelry and aftercare supplies.

Piercing Prices

Anti-Tragus–$25, Cartilage–$25, Conche—$25, Ear Lobe–$20 for one, $30 for both, Helix– $25, Industrial—$40,Rook–$25, Snug—$25, Tragus—$25

Eyebrow-$25, Labret—-$25, Lip—–$25, Monroe—-$25, Nostril—$25, Septum–$25, Snake Bites—$40, Tongue—$25

Dermal Anchors—$50, Female Genitals—$25, Navel—-$25, Nipple—-$25 for one, $40 for both

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